So many reasons justify, for the visionaries, the choice of the DR Congo as a country of establishment and making one’s money fruitful. It is necessary to pin down eight of them. Strategically located in the heart of Africa and bordered by 9 neighbor countries, DR Congo represents a mega market in the heart of African continent with at least 70 million and over 250 million consumers (including neighboring countries), while it is the penetration of various sub-regional markets such as SADC, COMESA, CEEAC and CEPGL. Rare and strategic minerals sought by developed and emerging economies around the world, 120 million of arable land, abundant rainfall throughout the year, tens of thousands of rivers, half of the African equatorial forest, a sunshine standing over, over 100,000 Mw of hydropower likely to be produced in many sites, various tourist attractions… constitute a more comparative sample which DR Congo conceals with respect to its competitors.   Now embarked on the path of growth, the Congolese economy enjoys since 2003 effects of continuous multisectorial key reforms intended to improve the business climate. The country records annually a growth rate over 6% with the ambition to raise it to 2 figures. That is one of the emerging economies of the continent, which takes advantage of the political stability consolidating over the years with election schedule firmly respected.