I. Sectoral assets

Infrastructure is one of the priorities of the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo. As part of the Revolution of Modernity advocated by the Head of State, considerable efforts are about to be made for the rehabilitation and modernization of basic infrastructure of the country to consolidate the country’s economic integration.

The DRC has several assets in the infrastructure sector including :

  • 238,935 km of roads ;
  • 5033 km of railways ;
  • 500 landing tracks, 270 airports, including 101 open to public traffic, 164 private aerodromes and 5 international airports ;
  • 25 have paved runways ;
  • 16,238 km of waterways ;
  • 2513 km linear bridges (1965 bridges) ;
  • 89 hydroelectric plants and other renewable resources.

Ultra-priority road network map

II Laws and texts

  • Law n ° 14/011 of 17 June 2014 relating to the liberalization of the energy sector to the private. It applies to the production, transmission, distribution, import and export and marketing. It does not apply to plants with installed capacity is less or equal to 50kw. Non-commercial use, signal distribution facilities or of speech, scientific research facilities and of State security.
  • Bill on public-private partnership is awaiting consideration by the National Assembly. This bill provides for the following forms : service contract, management and maintenance contract (leasing), rental and construction-management, build-transfer-management, etc.

III. Achievement

Several projects are so far achieved within the framework of the Revolution of Modernity. Among them, mentioned may be made of :

  • The Agro Industrial Park of BUKANGA LONZO ;
  • The rehabilitation of the runway of Goma airport ;
  • The rehabilitation of Route des Poids Lourds in Kinshasa ;
  • The rehabilitation of the road Kinshasa Kikwit ;
  • The construction of the bridge over Loange river connecting the provinces of Bandundu and Kasai-Occidental ;
  • The modernization of the runway and the terminal building of Nd’jili Airport ;
  • The construction of the Hôpital du Cinquantenaire in Kinshasa ;
  • The construction of the harnessing water plant of Ngaliema ;
  • The rehabilitation and modernization of Boulevard Lumumba ;
  • The construction of the Hydroelectric Plant of Katende in Kasai-Occidental ;
  • The construction of the Hydroelectric Power Plant of Kakobola in Bandundu ;
  • Rehabilitation of different universities of the country ;
  • The construction of Cité du Fleuve ;
  • The construction of housing as part of OASIS project in Kinshasa / Bandalungua) ;
  • The rehabilitation of the Lubumbashi-Kasumbalesa road, etc.